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Boom! The Book

Morning you lovely lot! This week’s nomination comes from one of the most impressive people I know. We had only recently met when she asked if I’d come to Great Ormand St Hospital and work with her volunteering to help kids create stories that help empower them and get them to make sense of the world and often the horribly unfair situations these young heroes are in. We told and acted out their brilliant stories and saw the smiles on their faces a mile wide. Still some of the most enjoyable and rewarding days I’d ever spent anywhere and Jen tirelessly does this and brilliant things like it all of the time in children’s hospitals up and down the U.K. She has collaborated with some equally remarkable and altruistic individuals as herself to write a children’s book to help them make sense of their feelings and emotions in life during a COVID world and get the amazing book out to Charities, Food Banks and local groups who can get this book to kids that need it. Either in hard back or digitally. So if you know of any group that would benefit or could help with distribution then please let us know. 

Hi admins,

I wanted to let you know about an exciting project I have been working on and see if you might be able to help us with the next stage. During lockdown I collaborated with a small and brilliant group of people to develop a book for children, on emotions and wellbeing. The book was created to help make sense of a challenging time in all our lives, during the pandemic and post-lockdown. It’s a lovely story of a family whose emotions get them all tied up in knots – and how they manage to work through it together. It is beautifully illustrated in a way we hope is accessible to a wide range of children.  You can check it out our digital version of the book here: BOOM! We'll be circulating this for free so please feel free to send it out to all your networks. We’d also love to hear your thoughts, especially any nice quotes from children, that we can use to help us promote it.  We hope that the digital book will travel far and wide but we are very aware that digital poverty and exclusion means that there are many families who won’t be able to access this digital version. So we also want to print physical copies and distribute them to families who may not have access to books easily, be it in print or digital format.  This is where you come in!!  We are planning to launch the book on the 1st September and at the same time we are also launching a crowdfunding drive at the same time for the printed books. We have already connected with several local hubs in England, Scotland and Wales (foodbanks, Children’s charities and shelters) to help us distribute the books but any contacts or support in reaching out would be much appreciated! You can visit our fundraising page here and of course we’d love it if you felt 500 Reasons could support us. We really want to raise enough to print 5000 books and reach as many families as we can. A donation from you would really kickstart our fundraising and hopefully encourage others to give as well. We'd also love your support in spreading the word on social media. Our links on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook can be found below. It would be great if you could like us, follow us and/or befriend us in advance of the 1st so that you are all set up to join with us on the day to make a big splash. Thanks so much, Jen 

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