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Be more Ben

What would you do if you lost your 8 year old son? I don’t know about you but I’d want to go and break my heart in a darkened room when faced with such unimaginable grief. But when Sarah and Shane Pritchard lost their beautiful 8 year old son they saw that beyond the incredible medical support there was a real absence in support thereafter to help not only them but Ben’s siblings and grandparents and they have worked tirelessly thereafter for Ben’s legacy to be that no parent, sibling or family member will be unable to be supported for as long as that emotional support is needed. They are completely volunteer led and every single penny they get goes straight to providing the services that their users need the most. Sarah says that the only regular donation they get is one for £65 per month so they’re always reliant on charity events, sponsored walks, runs, bake sales etc to keep this support going. Sarah and Shane epitomises the phrase “be the reason people believe in the goodness of people” and they restore my faith in human kindness. Their website is

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