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Morning all, when you hear of odds of a million to one it’s generally because that person has got really lucky and defied those odds to find something extraordinary waiting for them. Cruelly these odds can also be applied to people who suffer at the hands of something horrible the odds of which are so long that most of us (fortunately) won’t even have heard of the terrible thing that has cruelly blighted someone. This has happened to Nathalie’s friend Segun. I’m sure you’ll join us all in wishing him and his family all the luck and love in the world as he fights for his life x

Hello team  I’m one of the donors and I’d like to nominate a beautiful actor and friend  and his young family who are all  fighting for his life from a rare and aggressive cancer:  This story below is written by his wife Nicole  and on their justgiving page - she doesn’t know I’m nominating her as I wanted to let them know if they were chosen.  They are currently raising money to support the family and cover treatment costs. Please do let me know.  Xx Segun, the love of my life and father to our beautiful 8 year old boy, Ayo, is facing the unspeakable challenge of fighting for his life at only 42 years of age. Within only a few short weeks our joyous life together has been turned upside down by the diagnosis of a rare and terrifyingly aggressive cancer. This unimaginable situation we have found ourselves in and the prospect of losing this creative, loving husband and father, has lead to this call for help.  Segun is one of four cherished siblings Sola, Morounke and Jimmy. Segun is an actor, teacher and playwright who sees the best in everyone he meets. His unwavering nurturing faith extends beyond his immediate family and has offered those who have the pleasure of knowing him an empathic ear and soulful connection.  📷In February this year, a tumour was found on one of Segun’s kidneys that was removed 10 days later. Then on 13th March, at aged just 42, Segun was diagnosed with Renal Medullary Carcinoma – a cancer that affects young adults with sickle cell trait and is so rare that there is no universal consensus on the best course of treatment, making second opinions and specialist consultations essential. Segun is the third person his oncologist has ever treated with this type of cancer. This is a disease that is so aggressive that many patients die within months of diagnosis, with only about 100 cases globally documented.  However, there is hope. Two people have survived this cancer after being treated successfully with chemotherapy, and both are still well more than 4 years later. Segun knows he can join this band of warriors and increase this number of survivors to three, but at some point, if the chemotherapy treatment he is receiving becomes less effective, he may also need access to immunotherapy treatment. This treatment, which may not be guaranteed on the NHS, costs around £5000 a month with treatment cycles ranging from 6 – 12 months. This is where you come in.  As well as making sure funds for treatment are available later if needed, we are raising funds to cover Segun’s expenses, which include loss of family income and the cost of alternative treatments and therapies. We are also raising money for a six monthly screening for our son, Ayo, which is not currently available of the NHS. Please share Segun’s story as widely as you can, and help us to make sure that he receives the support and expertise he needs to fight this battle. We would be hugely grateful for any contributions you are able to make. This really will make a difference. Any money raised that does not go to funding treatments and loss of income will be donated to The Renal Medullary Carcinoma Support Group Charity, ( .  We believe in love, we have faith in miracles and are grateful for your contribution in supporting Segun's journey back to health. 
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