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Good morning everyone. This week’s heartbreaking nomination comes from a selfless individual who’s been a member of 500 Reasons from the very beginning. Due to the nature of the nomination I’m sure you can respect the need for this family’s anonymity. The fact that this family has been offered no help or respite from the graveness of this situation is a damning indictment of the state of the nation and I’m sure you’ll join us in wishing this family all the love in the world at this awful time.

I’d like to make an anonymous nomination for a  family.

The dad has struggled with his mental health all his life and lived like a recluse for the past 20 years. His health took a swift decline over the last 18 months with hospital admissions and periods of delusion. He has recently been diagnosed with dementia, extreme paranoia and anxiety and attempted to take his own life this week but was discharged the same day despite being a risk to himself. The family have received no home support from the health care system or social care despite requesting it. He isn’t able to be left on his own and his wife and family have attempted to cope - but the quality of his wife’s life in particular has been massively reduced and her own mental health impacted. His recent attempt to end his life has put the family in crisis and there is a financial strain as the family don’t have the means for private support and they have repeatedly fallen through the gaps of the care system.   I am trying to help put something immediate in place - like some day care - which would give the family some support and breathing space to come up with a plan for his long term care. £500 would help achieve this.
Thank you so much. X

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