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For Imogen

Our dearest 500 reasons community, This weeks nomination came to us from our lovely member Sheila, whose community has been shaken by the awful loss of a brave, young girl. This originally came to us as a nomination seeking support for a family as they cared for their daughter as she had been diagnosed with a brain tumour. Sadly Imogen lost her heroic fight last week. Her parent and 2 siblings are needing support and time to grieve, which I hope we can help a little with. A mother who lost a child recently told me she found it really difficult when people would offer condolences with the phrase 'I can't imagine what you are going through' because, like she said, you can't imagine as it is too painful to do so. But what we can do is let the family know that 500 people are sending them so much love and support and that we will honour the memory of Imogen, a wonderfully bright star shining in our sky. Much love. The admin team. The nomination and the Go Fund me page. Good afternoon everyone . Its with sadness in my heart I am writing this and asking please can I nominate Little Imogen who has recently been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. Imogen is just 9 years old and been such a brave little girl she has two siblings Tyler and Kadie and this have been so tough them too. There have been a just giving page set up by a friend called Imogens journey. Please could we support this family so they can make some special memories and Also support them financially. Has I am sat here writing this I have just been told Imogen lost her fight this morning.
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