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Morning all, I’m sure it will come as no surprise to any of you that this week we turn our attentions to Ukraine following the Russian invasion and what we could do to help the poor people who have to flee their homes to protect their families in fear of their lives. In times of such bleakness come acts of extraordinary light and sacrifice and one such act has come from a friend of Dawn (one of our members who has nominated for the first time.) Dawn’s friend Katya and her husband have left the UK immediately to head for Northern Romania to help the countless people that have had to leave everything they know and love for safety. Humanity and kindness for their unimaginable suffering is of paramount importance and we thank Katya and Petru for this act of bravery and selflessness x

Hello team,

I have never nominated before because I've never felt I had the right kind of contact, but this time I think I have something very worthwhile and that will do a little to help with the horrendous situation in Ukraine. My friend Katya Step and her partner Petru have taken direct action, travelling to Romania to help Ukrainian refugees arriving there. I'll allow them to explain below in the words they have posted in their requests for donations. They are now in Romania, where they are already at work, and friends are keeping track of them via their facebook group 'Support Ukrainian Refugees in Romania' "I am a Ukrainian IT professional living in London with my Romanian partner and teacher Petru. When the full scale Russian invasion into Ukraine has started, we have booked a one-way ticket to fly to Suceava in northern Romania, to be on the ground where the refugees are arriving to offer support in all the ways we can. It will include but not be limited to: our joint language skills (Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian, English), our educational and child welfare expertise, purchasing any necessities such as food, medicines, and clothing, and most importantly - helping create and run local volunteer groups to help displaced people find short and medium term homes away from camp tents. We are going to work closely with the Red Cross and local government organisations as well as other local NGOs. Romania alone is expecting over half a million Ukrainian refugees, as part of an overall wave of as much as 5M people fleeing the war. We therefore ask for help financing the effort to help on the ground, as we are doing this on purely volunteering basis and our personal resources are limited. We will of course work for free, and all the money raised will go towards the practical needs and expenses of making this operations as effective as possible, so the needs of the Ukrainian citizens fleeing the war are met. If any of this money is left unused after this crisis is over, it is going to be passed on to the Romanian Red Cross. Thank you for your support. " I think our 500 would be really well used by them and is much needed. Do let me know if this nomination goes through and I can give you any more details you want. Many thanks for all your hard work, Dawn

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