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Trying our best to look after a Good Samaritan

Hello lovely members, As always a huge thanks from us at HQ for your commitment to kindness and generosity to strangers that forms the very bedrock of what we do. This week’s nomination is for someone who devotes much of her life to supporting others and now finds herself in need of some support. We hope that we can be the good Samaritans that this Samaritan needs and can offer her a bit of space to deal with this tragedy.  A huge thanks to Dan for this wonderful nomination and for being such a wonderful friend to Karen.  Dear 500 Reasons, I would like to nominate my fellow volunteer at the Samaritans; Karen Newman. Karen is the most kind and wonderful person. She has been volunteering for Samaritans for over 10 years and has taken on many roles within the branch. She is originally from Wakefield and has a husband Richard and 3 children.

On the 11th July 2019, I was going on shift at 5.30, Karen was in the office doing some mentoring admin. She asked how my day was and I offloaded my tiny problems with the buyers of our flat and she characteristically listened with care, patience and without judgement.

Karen left the branch around 9pm arriving home to discover two police officers on her doorstep. They told her that their eldest son Oliver had been out running and had suffered a fatal heart seizure, dying almost instantly. He was 28. Her world has now changed forever.

Having heard about this the next day I sent her an email of sympathy and support and almost immediately she wrote back thanking me. I can’t imagine the pain she and her family will be now going through.

I was hoping that we could donate a week’s money to help them get through this time and maybe organise something for the family to do together to celebrate and remember Oliver. 

Needless to say, I know this act of kindness would help Karen, who has for so many years unflinchingly supported others in their darkest times.


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