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To Hannah …

Morning all! Sometimes the world can be so cruel and thank goodness for amazing friends. Poor Hannah is going through chemo and quite obviously is unable to work, yet is still in danger of being evicted. This is exactly the kind of nomination that we set 500 Reasons up for. Providing an immediate response with no red tape, no bureaucracy. Getting money to exactly the person that needs it, when they need it. We are each armed with the knowledge that if we see anyone that needs a helping hand, we can be there to help. That might be tomorrow or in years to come but it’s always here whenever you come across someone who needs us. So a huge thank you to each and every one of you. You make a huge difference. FYI the initial just giving target was smashed but Hannah will need much more than that going forward so it was our pleasure to help her when her lovely friend Sasha reached out.

 Hello lovely gang! I’d like to nominate a young actress called Hannah Edwards - she has been diagnosed with cancer- she recently had her brain tumour removed and is about to begin chemo & immunotherapy to treat the mass found on her lung. She is trying to raise money as she is about to be evicted from her flat. So on top of all the medical treatment she is having to find somewhere new to live & obviously she is unable to work whilst having her treatment. If you need any more info -just let me know ! This is my first ever nomination so not sure if i’m doing it right ! Thanks Sasha x

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