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The very least we could do...

Dear 500 Reasons community,

This weeks nomination come from our lovely member Mia, it’s a nomination that we instantly knew we needed to help. It has been a tough year for most of us, but when young humans are in a situation where they don’t have the rights to basic human dignity it broke our hearts. Mia told us of a person in her area fund raising for a orphanage in Sri Lanka, who has lost lots of donations for the young people that live there, the main one they are struggling with is personal care equipment for them. Mia’s nomination follows, We have given Toya the £500 and she has sent her thanks and also has told us a bit more a out how she is helping. We send all these young men so much love and support and all those that work with them. Kindness Matters! Mia’s nomination: Hope you lovely lot are all well. This is something that just came up on my Facebook feed, it’s a lady who is local to me but I don’t actually know her. I am sure you have lots of people that need help but I decided it was worth two minutes of my time to ask, after all they are asking for something which we pretty much take for granted. 😞 Please see below. If you needed more info I can contact her. Thanks so much for your time, Kind regards, Mia Alaoui. Xx Hi im looking for incontinence pads for Disabled children in Sri lanka who live in an orphanage. Since the pandemic have not had the help they received before. Supplies are very low. I'm trying to get a containers worth to send by shipment to Sri lanka direct to the orphanage. If you have any not needed, please send my way, they will go to a good cause. Thank you so much. Toya’s response: Dear 500 reasons, I'm writing this email to say firstly a big thank you for choosing my little Misson. Which is personal to me, I just started out just putting an appeal for any donations for any suplus or unwanted incontinence pads which would suit and fit children who are disabled and abandoned by their parents in Sri Lanka. I wasn't looking for any money in donations, i was just asking the general public if they had any incontinence pads, in which i could send and ship myself. Your donation has blown my away, i can now purchase more pads and make a bigger shipment that i can now afford thanks to you all. This mission all came about, as firstly my partner is Sri lankan and often chats to friends and family who are living in Sri Lanka as a chat up. Recently a friend informed us he had been in the area of Sith Sewana Mentally and disabled Children's orphanage in Thanamalvila Sri lanka which is a home for children who mentally can't function their own bodies and need incontinence pads to toliet. He had visited the home and was just telling my partner about his day there. Our friend said that due to the Covid pandemic the orphanages usual handouts had stopped. My partner came off that call and told me all about it. I knew i needed to help them. My heart was saying help these children they are suffering, and that all humans have the right to human basic needs. My partner spoke to the orphanage and the owner stated that many things are needed, but most importantly at the present time its incontinence pads for these children, which range in age starting roughly 11 years to early 20s. So mostly teenagers. In which at that age become a challenge for parents and are often found dumped on the side of the road, and these lucky ones have been bought the this orphanage. Sometimes not even knowing their own name. So arrive nameless. This news breaks my heart. I have a passion for children, i believe every child deserves a good start in life. Perhaps thats why my profession is working with children here. Im trying to now send the shipment off within 2 weeks, im planning on driving the ship to a shipping company i have used in the past, this is based in London. For it then to take between 2-3 weeks to arrive in Sri Lanka. I will keep you all posted once the orphanage receives it. So once again thank you for all of your 500 donation, im so grateful. Below are some pictures of the children eating a meal. Thank you so much Toya xx
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