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The phone call you never want.

Hello all,

This week’s nomination is a reminder of how fragile life can be and how suddenly things can change in tragic ways. Our hearts went out to this family as soon as we received this and knew straight away that we had to help. We hope that our gift will help in some of the small but vital ways our nominator suggests. We also hope that the love and support of 500 strangers might be a bit of a light during such a difficult time.

Go safe this week folks. You are all very special.

Here’s this week’s nomination:

My nomination this week is for a colleague who’s had some awful family news. Her mother and stepfather have been involved in a road collision in Peru whilst on holiday, with her stepfather being killed instantly and her mother suffering serious injuries. The accident happened in a fairly remote part of Peru, so having spent the past 3 days trying to help coordinate her mother’s healthcare, she’s now travelling out there to help her get discharged from hospital to start the journey to Lima before coming home. She also has to work through the process of repatriating her step father’s body before they can begin to start grieving and planning the funeral.

I can’t begin to think how hard a time this is for them, coming as such a shock let alone then having to deal with all the bureaucracy of insurance companies that comes with this. I would love to be able to take away any quick financial decisions they have so they can catch an extra taxi when exhausted, not worry about spending 3hrs on the phone to Peru, and generally concentrate on looking after each other and being able to start dealing with this.

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