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Splitting the pot for 2 deserving families.

Dearest our lovely 500 Reasons community, sending you lots of love on this wintery Wednesday.

Whilst we continue to spread kindness it seems that the country or even the world seems to be a harder place to just survive in. This week we have decided to split the nomination as there were 2 sets of families who we wanted to get some help and support to immediately. Both nominations are to help some good people re make their home, which is a basic comfort we all need.

Our first nomination from our lovely member Rozi, for pensioners Gary and Ley who sadly lost all their belongings in a flood, and our second from our other lovely member Lindy, for her daughter's friends' family who wants to create a safe home for herself and her children.

We hope we can give them the boost they deserve, and also to let them know that 500 people really care for them.The two nominations to follow.

Kindness Matters.

Love the Admin Team x.

Hello Hello!I'm back with a nomination for this week...Its some friends of my partner. I don't know this couple personally; but he's dead sure they need help and I'm the one in this group. He says they've had some really sh*t luck over the years and this is almost the last straw.

On the 17th of November everything in pensioner's Gary and Ley's Scottish home was wiped out by a flood. The force of the water and the damage was so bad that their entire home and belongings are in ruin, mostly unsalvageable. The physical foundations of their life have washed away overnight.Gary is one of the most hard-working, and kind men you could hope to meet. Ley suffers from chronic illness.The devastation and wreckage is not something that is easy to put into words. The thought of how two lives can be spent working so hard towards a simple, challenging, yet rewarding future, which is then wiped out in an instant, with no structures in place to provide support; is devastating.

Thanks for considering this cause my friends. I get it that there might be loads of good places for the money to go in the run up to Christmas. Crossing my fingers for them. Let me know if you need any more info. XWarmly,Rozi

Hello lovey community,

I'd like to make my second nomination for a family in need.  My daughter has recently and finally found her tribe in high school, there’s been tough times as many of you know with teenagers.

One girl in particular who moved to our area this year.  What a selfless ray of light she is. As my daughter became closer to her, she opened up about family life.  She was living with her Mum and brother in her Mums partner's house. As she confided more in my daughter, I reached out and passed my phone number on to her mum if she wanted to talk to someone.  As there was no other family or friends.A few days later she rang to ask if the kids could come after school as she was leaving that day to a women's refuge.  What a brave and courageous lady, they were all safe now. Not ideal at the refuge but another chance of a new life for them all. To cut a long story short, the refuge was telling her to give her job up and claim benefits.  This was when I first met her, she came to pick her daughter up and told me her children and her job was all she had in the world.Her story through life is a heart-breaking one, born in Malawi, hoping to find refuge and love in our country.  Her children are keeping her fighting for better a life.Anyhow, she hung on in there at the refuge and is in the process of private renting a little cottage nearby, close to school.  Proud to work hard to just afford the rent.  The £500 would help them so much to set up home in their safe little cottage.  They have nothing and couldn’t claim for help or a grant because she didn’t give her job up.  Together with my neighbours and friends we’ve collected a few things but they would benefit so much from this generous community and slowly and steadily rebuild their lives. Thank you for listening and considering my nomination, my heart is full ❤️Lindy Davies xxx

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