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Sierra Leone

Morning all! We are getting some beautiful nominations in from you guys and we’re truly grateful. We can’t do it without you and it’s a pleasure to get your thoughtful nominations in.

We’re called 500 Reasons because we’re 500 completely different people that have decided to come together to make a small but significant difference to an individual, family, group or community each and every week and the breadth of help due to the hive mind of you lovely lot means we’ve got to help people and animals the world over.

Often causes that would be overlooked but are nonetheless extremely important. Please keep them coming.

This week’s nomination comes from the brilliant Chris Williams who very kindly designed our website completely free of charge. It’s his first ever nomination and we thank him and his cousin who inspired the nomination for the work they’ve been doing with people in Sierra Leone to address the incredibly low life expectancy. These poor children are frequently abandoned as the cost of skin care is too expensive. Loads of love500 Reasons Admin Team xHere’s Chris’ nomination: Hello you awesome peopleLong-time supporter, first-time nominator here! My cousin does amazing work for the charity "Medical Assistance Sierra Leone", supporting access to health care and urgent medical treatment for communities and individuals in Sierra Leone for over eighteen years.Since 2019 they have been working with the Sierra Leone Association of People with Albinism. As Albinism is a rare condition, many people do not realise that exposure to the sun is harmful to skin. Misinformation combined with lack of accommodation at school, at home and when working, leaves People With Albinism unsupported and exposed to serious health risks, including skin cancer. in Africa suggest that most people with Albinism die from skin cancer between the ages of 30 and 40.MASL have been running a pilot skin clinic with a volunteer dermatologist. At the skin clinic over 50% of attendees required treatment for skin cancer. Many patients: mothers and fathers in their 30s came too late for the limited interventions available locally. There is no functioning oncology service in the country.In order to ensure that skin cancer lesions are spotted and removed early MASL are now working with the Albinism Association to employ outreach workers who will support people with Albinism to manage changes in their skin, including sending photos of skin blemishes to the project dermatologist for advice and paying the costs of transport to clinic, overnight stays and any necessary surgeries. The nomination would support equipping each of the 10 outreach workers with a smart phone with a camera so that they can send photos into the clinic, vastly improving detection rates, making early life-saving intervention much more likely and having a long-lasting legacy of improved health in this community.Hoping this can be considered amongst everything else, and keep up the amazing work!ThanksChris

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