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Restoring our faith in human kindness

Good morning to our brilliant group.

We were 5 last week, what an achievement, look at all the people and organisations we have managed to help during that time.

Simply, Thank You.

We hope you are all doing well while we witness the unprecedented global events happening at the moment and we send love to all of you. This week we have decided to continue our support for those people helping the refugees from Ukraine who are having to flee their homes. We turn our attention to Poland who have accepted over a million people so far, we hope we offer a little light in a terrible situation.

This week’s nomination is from Karin:


I mentioned in the FB post this week that I thought we should be doing more to help the situation in Ukraine. I have since been researching all the various organisations who are fundraising. I saw this couple on the news and felt they were really genuine in their desire to help refugees directly. Chris York is a journalist and he and his Ukrainian girlfriend are there on the ground helping people fleeing Lviv at the Polish border. I don’t know them but their courage has touched me and they seem to be genuinely providing essential help to frightened, cold, hungry, exhausted people. I am sure others may nominate other charities helping Ukraine so please choose any one of our nominations.

Thanks as ever for administrating this wonderful group!


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