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Rebuilding after an arson attack in Bristol

Morning all! Residents of Bristol will be only too aware of the devastating act of arson that has destroyed so many livelihoods and small businesses at Underfall Yard. We have had a few nominations encouraging us to support the poor people who’s lives have been wrecked by this mindless act and we have decided to give the money to Joanna Williams, a local blacksmith that invested all the money she has saved into her workshop even at the expense of the deposit she saved for a mortgage all to find that workshop and everything in it completely decimated. As she looks to rebuild she says she continues to feel optimistic about the future due to the kindness shown by so many. In addition to our donation (made directly so as not to incur costs) I’d like to share her just giving page.

Thank you as always as we stand in solidarity to help these poor people whose lives have been needlessly ruined by this cowardly act. 

Here’s one of the nominations: 

You would have heard about the fire that was caused by arson at the Bristol boatyard. My sister lives on a boat on the yard with her boyfriend and although his studio and the business he works for were destroyed, miraculously they and their boat were saved with minimalDamage (the fact their boat survived is wild) . My request is not for them but for the community they work with - some of the tradespeople lost tools that dated as far back as when they were used to build the cutting sark. One young woman who couldn’t get on the property ladder invested her entire deposit into her blacksmith business. I know I nominate all the time and so don’t want to take it from someone else who perhaps hasn’t had a nomination awarded the money but if you have a spare £500 one week and no nomination I’d love to suggest Joanna Williams. X

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