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Getting a nomination that asked if we 500 can get a 34 year old mother with terminal cancer more time with her young children didn’t need too much deliberation from we administrators. It’s heartbreaking and I’m sure you’ll all join us in wishing Bethan and her family lots of love and hope they are able to make lots of beautiful memories. 

Here’s Hannah’s nomination in full:

Hi all,

Hope everyone is healthy and well during these strange times. Thought I'd forward you this, in case there are windows for new nominations. My sister in law sent me this following message from a friend of hers, and asked me to help by sharing on social media etc. I read the message, and watched the little video and it broke my heart. So wondered whether we could help towards the cause. Here's the message: We recently had some bad news. My cousin, Bethan, who's 34 has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. She has it in her lungs, hip and spine. This has been a devastating shock for my family, and one of the hardest parts is that she will be leaving behind two small children who are ages 5 and 1. As a mother of two children the same age I just cant wrap my head around it. She has been diagnosed with digeorge syndrome which has also been passed on to her kids, so the cancer is genetic and is caused by this syndrome. Olivia, the littlest one has been most affected by this syndrome and has some of the worst symptoms, including being born with a deformity in her heart that required surgery when she was born. She died three times during this surgery and was only given a 40% survival rate. But she made it and is now doing well although she'll have to have heart surgery every few years as she grows. After overcoming this initial discovery, Bethan started to feel a pain in her hip which was investigated and revealed this devastating news. Anyway, there is some hope. Bethan will never be cured, but there is a treatment that can prolong her life. Without it she has months. We want to give her as much time with her children as possible. However this treatment isnt available on the nhs and costs £1000 a week we have set up a gofund me page and have had some lovely donations just by sharing on fb, but it's just not getting enough exposure. We need it and the video done by my cousins sister to go as viral as possible to try and raise as much money as possible. I have enclosed the video and gofund me page. Would be really grateful if there is anything he can do to help. So even if we can't give them the money this time, if you could spread the word, that would also be hugely appreciated. Diolch guys.  Hannah X
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