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Making Memories

Morning all! This week is a split pot that have been nominated by us, the admin team. I spend a lot of time at St Peter’s Hospice where the incredible work being done in there providing end of life care is truly humbling. So when one of the team reached out to see whether we could make some memories for a family to come to watch their beloved football team and meet some players, past and present I thought we at 500 Reasons could oblige? I went and met them yesterday and got to present Andrew with a signed Bristol City shirt and he was even introduced to his favourite player. Thanks to Bristol City for going above and beyond for this wonderful family and providing a day that will live long in the memory.

And the other half will be given to Yulia and Pedro, a young family that have been through so much and want to buy a table for them to cook for the people like Char that have helped them settle in a new country after enduring so much.

Thank you to you all for putting smiles on two deserving families faces. It was a real pleasure to see the difference we are able to make up close this week.

Here are the nominations:

Hi Joe. Guess what, it’s Sarah front St Peter’s Hospice again. It’s unusual for this to happen so quickly but we have another poorly patient who is a life-long Bristol City fan. His son happens to be a Reading fan and so we’re trying to sort tickets to Ashton Gate this weekend. It would be a dream for them to be able to watch this game together but we need about £250 to cover the costs and I wondered whether you might be able to help?


It was a honour today to drive Yulia and Pedro to their new flat in Wood Green.

We helped this wonderful couple who came to London to find refuge having fleeing the Ukraine. Since moving here they have both taken jobs working 12 hour night shifts in Zara, whilst taking classes in English in the day time.

Last month their daughter came to join them with her child, their other 2 children are still in Ukraine.

London is a hard city for anyone, these guys strength and hard work has paid off as they have saved to put a bond down and a months rent in advance to get s flat, that they will live in from tonight with their daughter and grandchild.

I drove them and they thanked us to much for helping when they arrived last summer, helping with bikes etc.

Their flat is unfinished, they have one bed for daughter and baby, but first on their list to buy is a table so they can cook for the people who have helped them in their own flat.

I was wondering if we had funds to get them some ikea/Argos vouchers so they can go get some furniture?

Maybe a split week?

Much love


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