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Love Thy Youth

Morning everyone, we hope that this week’s nomination finds you all well? The unrelenting horrors of military atrocities loom large in the world and our hearts go out to the displaced millions who’s lives are ripped apart. The bravery shown by the people that have gone to countries like Romania and Poland to help with the aid effort that we’ve given to in the last two weeks is breathtaking and the inherent goodness of the majority of people is something I hope we can take real comfort in? Do keep your nominations coming in. Talking of inherent goodness, our lovely member Lizzy has come across such a person who is another Mum in the school her child goes to looking to make a difference to young people less fortunate. There’s a lot of lip service paid to “levelling up” but not as much being done about it so it was refreshing to see a wonderfully simple plan like this put into practice as this will have real impact on the academic development of young people in real danger, through no fault of their own of being left behind. Best of luck to Love Thy Youth and thank you to you all x

I know there's big big stuff going on on the world but this nomination is quite local to me and in a vastly variable socio-economic area of Cardiff. One of the mums from my kid's primary school has set up a charitable hub for families in Cardiff who are short of stuff. It's not clothes and food, it's toys, phones, tablets and computers which are often the things that families on a budget just can't stretch to and kids go without (making them "the odd one out" at school). We're not talking luxury here, she is making deprived lives a little sweeter. Love Thy Youth has been running for about a month and it's incredibly clear how much this hub is needed and used. She sorts, stores and delivers everything herself with no financial support, on top of looking after her own family, simply fuelled by her passion. All the stuff through her door is donated to specific requests from families in need (there is no judgement, no application forms or vetting processes to gain help). Additional things are also donated and now her house is full to busting. She is building a mini warehouse at the bottom of garden and has asked the community for help towards funding it with a potential bill of £3500. I'd love to nominate Love Thy Youth to receive this week's gift as it would make a massive and rapid difference helping her keep her amazing work going. It's clear the way things are it will be more and more of a well used resource. Thanks for thinking about it. Lizzy
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