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Morning all! As custodians and administrators of our incredible group we read every single one of your nominations and discuss them among ourselves to decide upon whom to give the money to each week. Of course, it’s an honour to be able to do such a job and we’re very grateful that you put your trust in myself, Jen, Ray and Charlotte to do it and it’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly. We don’t always agree but we articulate our points of view in a good natured way and we are always able to come to a decision and majority always rules. Occasionally nominations, as I’m sure you’ve seen need a degree of anonymity in order to protect the person as they are at risk. These nominations can often come when people are victims of domestic abuse and sexual abuse. Whilst these cases haven’t resulted in more nominations to our group during COVID they have sadly grown here in the U.K. and the aftermath of such abuse leaves an unimaginable toll. To this end I am a proud ambassador of Kinergy a specialist counselling service offering support for survivors of sexual abuse and sexual trauma. They also offer a support group to friends, family and partners of survivors. They are a small and dedicated organisation doing extraordinary work in the most difficult circumstances. I hope you never need them but we’re so grateful that they’re there. There website is here:

Lots of love to you all Joe, Jen, Ray and Charlotte x
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