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James’ Place

Hello to all you wonderful members,

With school holidays in full flow and Easter celebrations coming up for some - we hope you are getting to spend time with the ones you love. This week’s nomination is to support a mother who lost her son and is now determined to stop other men and families going through the same. James’ Place offers therapy for men contemplating suicide. £500 will pay for 5 sessions and hopefully save lives. We know it can be hard for anyone to talk about their feelings, but especially men and we hope our donation will allow them to start a journey of healing and hope. We send Clare our best and thanks to Rich for nominating this important cause! Hold your loved ones tight, check in on your friends and ask for help if you need it. We love all of you! From your admins, Charlotte, Ray, Joe and Jen xx Here’s Rich’s nomination. Hello all at 500 Reasons. Recently at work, I got the absolute privilege to spend the day with Clare. Clare's son James sadly took his own life. Clare's main focus in life now is to help other young men contemplating suicide. She has set up a centre in Liverpool and in London that provides face to face support in a non clinical setting as quickly as possible. Her mission is simple... To save lives. Suicide is still the single leading cause of death of men under 50! Most of the men that James's Place help are young men who have never had therapy before. This therapy is not only free of charge but is also has a approach of every day language and a more familiar setting. She really is striving to save men from the suicidal crisis. And she needs support. I would love 500 reasons to help in this mission. With thanks Rich. And a link to James's Place below.

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