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Morning all! I don’t know if you remember our lovely member Emily Sills nominating Stephanie who was living under an underpass near her house and managed to find a homeless charity to find her shelter? Well, she’s found another brilliant person looking to help to take the next steps on a road to self betterment and financial security whilst overcoming incredible adversity. Here’s the nomination in full: Hi Joe and the 500 reasons crew, I’d like to make a nomination for a gentleman called Jacques. He is a resident of the Kings Church Catford - a homeless charity that I’ve been in contact with as they helped us to help lovely Stephanie a few years ago. Just for clarity, the Kings Church, Catford house 28 people (currently 21 men and 7 women) who are coming from rough sleeping or homeless situations. They each have a support worker and develop a support plan together. They do amazing work and I’d love it if we could help Jacques. Please find some more about Jacques below from Simon, the Director of the charity - We have a resident at Kings Church that has done so well and just needs a little more help and support to complete his Electrical Installation course. He has already completed the first 2 years and has 1 year left. His name is Jacques. He came from the Democratic Republic of Congo to the UK in 2013. He has been a resident in our housing project since 2016 when he was referred to us from the Lewisham night shelter. He had a number of different jobs with agencies before working for Tesco’s as a cleaner for the past 3 years. He does an early shift between 5am-8am which allows him to go to college to do an electrical installation course. He has one year left on his course and is faced with paying £1860 in fees. Jacques has saved £500. A former support worker has committed to supporting him with £250. Jacques has 2 months to make the payments to allow him to complete the course. He received paperwork yesterday to say that he has now been granted indefinitely leave to remain. He is in a 5 year relationship and they have 2 children together. He lives in the Borough of Lewisham. I really hope we can help him. It sounds like he’s worked so hard already to get to where he is and deserves some love and support. Thanks so much Emily x

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