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Holiday Club

Morning all! Summer is here and the six weeks holiday are nearly upon us. For lots of people it’s a chance to put aside the worries of work and reconnect, unwind and enjoy quality time with our families but for an increasing amount of people it’s a time of real worry. Single parents and families without grandparents or other support are unable to juggle both kids and jobs and in already financially precarious times live in real and constant fear of falling between the cracks as they struggle to meet the financial demands expected of them. Schemes and community groups used to be well funded and subsidised but they too are feeling the pinch, even well established ones like the one the lovely Vikki Willshire has nominated. In spite of having been run for 25 years The Lawrence Weston and Shirehampton Out Of School Club is facing the real possibility of not being able to serve their community due to lack of funding. We give this week’s £500 in the knowledge it will help dozens of working families be able to be supported whilst they continue to work to provide the essentials like food and shelter for their loved ones as well as enabling children to develop and blossom socially after such a long time away from their peers.

Thanks and loads of love to you all

The 500 Reasons Admin Team x

Hi guys, Hope you are well. I’d love for our 500 gang to give to this local independent charity that so many in my community rely on. Many of us use this after school/ holiday club for much needed affordable child care whilst we work. They have been running for 25 years and if they are forced to close it would have such an effect on so many peoples lives that don’t have anyone else to provide child care for them to be able to work and bring money into there home. As you can imagine for some single parent families it just would not be feasible for them to work. The charity are currently running at a loss of £2000 a month and will be forced to close within a year. This is sadly due to Covid and staying open for so many families that needed them but also due to Covid, not getting the numbers they normally did. Hope there is space in the coming weeks for you to consider giving to these guys xx Keep safe Lots of love Vix xx
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