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For Marcel and the musician

Morning all,

This week’s nomination is split in two and comes from our lovely member Nathalie.

First is the family of a young actor that has recently died leaving behind his wife and 2 infant children. We hope that this little bit of money and a lot of live will help them as they try to rebuild their lives without him.

Second is a young aspirational musician Nathalie has been working with at HMYOI Feltham. He has just left there but has been put in a horrible situation as he looks to rebuild his life.

I’m also going to From Bristol With Love For Ukraine HQ this week as they wanted to present us all with a certificate from the Lord Mayor to say thank you for our donation and commemorate the 4000th box of aid that will be setting off to Romania to help Ukrainian refugees.

You guys make such a huge difference week in and week out. Thank you x

Here are the nominations: Marcel White, A young actor - barely in his 30’s - died on Friday morning leaving behind his wife and , two small children (2 years and the other 2 months old). He was recently in Small Island at the National. He had an abundant future ahead of him and lived with dignity and strength right to the end. I would like to nominate his young family for the £500 so they can be financially supported at this time. Many thanks for the consideration Hey Joe I would like to submit a young man who has recently left prison and has been put in a bed sit. It still has the previous tenant's belongings in there which needs to be removed , He doesn’t have furniture and having just left prison hasn’t yet secured a job. I’m told he has been struggling. He is extremely capable and is an independent young man, but in this situation, being released and moving into a home that he doesn't really know his way around, doesn't feel settled in has become stressful. It's important to provide him with support at this early stage, to help him feel confident to manage the community and reduce the risk of re-offending. He is a talented musician and I’m hoping £500 would help towards buying furniture and setting him up for the best possible future. Thanks Nat Thanks Nat

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