• Joe Sims

Enabling children to get to school in Ghana

The success of so many charities and altruistic endeavour normally has at the heart of it an individual or group of individuals that are tireless and dogged in their pursuit of something beautiful. Vida Juliet is one such person. Her dedication has enabled young people and especially women get the education they deserve and grant them a degree of autonomy by enabling them to get there through cycling. Providing those bikes to get to school, teaching them how to maintain them, provided finance for medical support for these children and bring them together and fostering a powerful sense of community through cycling competitively. Nice one Vida! And thanks to the brilliant Mollie Millington for your fantastic nomination. We’re always on the look out for incredible nominations gang so please feel free to let us know if you know an individual or group that you feel could do with a helping hand? Lots of love x

Dear fabulous folk at 500 reasons HQ, I would like to nominate a woman that I met through Breeze Cycling.  Breeze encourages women to cycle more by leading women only rides.  Through the Facebook group of ride leaders, I met Vida Juliet.  She lives in Ghana and helps provide children, particularly girls, with bicycles so they can attend school.  She also has started holding bike races and Duathlons for the kids.   Here is an article mentioning more about her work:
She seems like a very kind woman who is trying hard to help the children in her community.  Our gift would directly help her generous nature within her local community. I would be happy to send you some of the photos of the children with the bicycles or those in need of medical assistance if you would like.  Just let me know. Thanks for your time. Mollie millington

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