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Christmas Kindness

Hello our lovely community,

I hope everyone is having a lovely December.

Christmas can be the most wonderful time, but it can also be a time where money is stretched even further. Our lovely member Simon posted this on our FB wall this week about a family in need and we instantly wanted to help and let them know that 500 strangers are sending them joy and happiness at this tough time.

Get the children some presents, a lovely tree and some fun treats.

And thats is what we have done. Merry Christmas all. xxx

Hi everyone. I don’t know how one goes about nominating a cause but a very old friend has just posted fhis so I thought of this group. Is it possible we can help? This was posted on her wall by my friend Jody - the woman in question is a nurse she works with. Any help we can give would be so so wonderful. X

Hi everyone. I am looking for some help to support a family in need please. Through my work I have come across a family who have literally nothing for Christmas. Both parents work, but due to a family member in palliative care abroad they are spending everything they have on hospital bills. They have three children, a boy of three who loves cars and two girls of 5 and 7 who love the colour pink and Barbies. They have not been able to afford a Christmas tree, any decorations, presents or treats This person did not come to me asking for anything but due to stress and depression. They are a hardworking, really deserving family in genuine need but not wanting to ask for anything. The mum said "there are other people who need things more, at least we have beds and a house." I would love to be able to five them at least a few treats for Christmas, a tree and some decorations. Does anyone have anything they could help with? Anything would be appreciated and I am happy to collect and deliver to the family. And with all the scams around at the moment you have my absolute word this is a genuine case. Thank you for anything you can offer in support xx

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