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Caring in Bristol

Good morning everyone! Here we are then!!!! December! Hope you’ve all opened your first advent calendar door and taste that chocolatey goodness?

I’m not sure if you remember but earlier this year we supported a charity called Caring In Bristol’s “Cheers Drive” appeal. Where some of the best restaurants in Bristol that were in lockdown gave their time, culinary prowess and ingredients to make meals for Bristol’s homeless. It was an incredible coming together of the community and one we were really pleased to help.

I was asked to provide the voice over for their Christmas campaign which is a beautiful animation that gets to the heart of the wonderful things Caring In Bristol are doing. It’s called “This City Can” and you can watch it here : Caring In Bristol are committed to solving homelessness but as we know, this is not a problem that will be solved overnight so we turn our attention to Christmas.  Ben Richardson, Caring in Bristol Director says; “This is the biggest challenge we’ve faced in 31 years running this project, but the people of Bristol don’t give up on the most vulnerable in our community, and neither do we. People rough sleeping in Bristol deserve a Christmas away from the absolute hell of our cold empty streets. I’m proud of my city for helping us to do that. If there was ever a year our project was needed, it’s here and now.” So that’s what we’ve done. It costs £21 to provide a person sleeping rough a Christmas away from the hell of Bristol’s empty, cold street and we have provided that sanctuary for 24 people. Without each and every one of you, this wouldn’t be possible so a huge thank you because it was me that nominated this week (I hope that’s okay?) Lots of love to you all. Joe and the 500 Reasons Admin Team

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