• Joe Sims

“Be the reason somebody believes in the goodness of people”

Morning everyone. I’m amazed that in the face of such despair and loss how people find such strength not just to carry on but to create a legacy in the name of their loved one that will alleviate pain and suffering for people in the future that are forced to endure a similar fate. People never cease to amaze me. What a beautiful idea. I saw a piece of graffiti in Bristol today that said “be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people” and I think Mark’s family can be proud that they certainly fit that description. X Here’s the nomination: 

Hi guys I’d like to nominate a fantastic charity called “made a mark” this charity was founded in memory of Mark knapp who very suddenly died in February of this year  of an aortic dissection at the age of 34 leaving behind a wife and 2 small children aged just 2 & 4. Through the families grief they decided to set up this wonderful charity to help other bereaved families. There aim is to help families who are dealing with the grief of losing a parent or sibling.  They want to provide memory boxes to acute hospitals, which a child can receive if their parent dies. This box could contain a handprint or a lock of hair, as well as a teddy and a book. This box can help them begin to process their feelings. They want to help children create new memories during very difficult times. There ultimate target is to buy a holiday home that bereaved families can enjoy. They want to give families the opportunity to spend quality time together. £500 really would go a long way in helping them reach there goal! The sad part about this is it really could happen to any one of us, im sure you will all agree if what this amazing charity is setting out to do helps make things just a little bit easier with there grief it’s all worth it 😊 Thank you for considering my nomination Hayley white


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