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Baby Bank Network - Bristol

Morning all, we at 500 Reasons HQ wanted to thank you all for all of your wonderful messages of love and support for last week’s nomination. It truly matters and further solidifies us as a community into the hearts and minds of everyone we’re lucky enough to be able to help. As a result of the work we’ve all done over the last 6 years we’ve inspired 10 completely autonomous groups to use the model to address the bespoke needs and challenges in their own communities. I think we can all be deservedly proud of that?  

This week’s nomination was for The Baby Bank Network in Bristol who have an army of 30 volunteers sourcing, sorting, restoring and redistributing baby provisions for the most vulnerable families in the city. 1586 families were helped last year thanks to this wonderful group and our donation will be able to help 12 more innocent young lives to get the head start and basic provisions they deserve. 

17,200 or 21% of children in Bristol are born into poverty and the incredible work are doing makes such an important difference to those most in need. 

A child protection social worker says of the group:

“Some of the families we work with can be extremely vulnerable, homeless, fleeing abusive relationships and are in need of support for their baby. Baby. Bank Bristol Network has been amazing at providing quality baby items to the families that need them the most.”

We thank you all for your unwavering love and support. 

The 500 Reasons admin team. X

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