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Angel Lynn

Morning everyone! I hope everyone is well? This week’s nomination is one that’s been with us a while and we knew we would want to help but as they are trying to find money to help Angel Lynn in time for this Christmas and we often get nominations that are no more or less important but more time sensitive. Angel Lynn was in an abusive relationship which ended in her suffering brain damage after being kidnapped and thrown from a van at 60mph. She is going to need life long care and fortunately there has been a lot of support to help put some of these provisions in place for this poor woman. We have decided to join them and offer our support. Lots of love x

Hey I’d like to nominate Angel Lynn and her family who are fundraising so that she can be looked after at home. They are currently building care facilities in their home with the hope she’ll be home next Christmas. Angel was kidnapped and bundled into a van by an ex boyfriend in 2020. She was left brain damaged when she fell from the moving van that was driving at 60 mph. Her life and that of her family was changed forever so to bring her home would allow her to be closer to those that love her. X

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