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Hi everyone, we sadly have to read some very traumatic and upsetting nominations as a result of your incredible humanity and diligence as you leave no stone unturned to find individuals and families that desperately need our help. The suffering of an innocent child is absolutely always the most upsetting. I can’t imagine what these poor parents are going through and it’s lovely to see Alesha-Marie’s family and their friends rally around and generate as much cash for cutting edge medicine as she fights for her life. From the bottom of our hearts, we wish them all the luck and love in the world.

As always, our utmost gratitude to everyone of you xxx

Hi guys my dad who’s not on Facebook but is one of us 500 would like to put forward a little girls called Alesha-Marie to be considered for nomination. My dad found out about alesha-Marie from work friend Rory cox who along with Alesha-Marie’s uncle lorrance Faulkner Are doing a 100 mile costal walk from padstow to lands end to help raise money for Alesha-Marie. (Facebook page The Big Walk in aid of Alesha-Marie) Alesha-Marie is 7 years old and on 11th may 2019 when just 5 she was diagnosed with a non operable brain tumour. She has already lost the sight in her right eye with the threat of losing sight in the other. Alesha-Marie has already had numerous rounds of infusions and chemotherapy and along with covid you can imagine what was already a tough time has been so much harder. Because the tumour is right in the centre of the Brain the NHS won’t operate so the family are looking at a treatment at the harley street clinic where they are able to provide MRI-guided laser ablation using a visualase system which helps treat tumours that are previously thought to be inoperable. They are also looking at proton beam treatment and hoping for a second opinion from st judes children’s cancer hospital in Tennessee so every penny raised really will help. Thank you so much for reading this nomination. Hayley white (My dad) Ian Rudd To follow progress please look at Facebook page Alesha-mariesfight Go fund me page The big walk just giving page

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