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A new start

Good morning everyone, we’re often reminded in this group that beyond the awfulness of Covid-19 some poor families have unimaginable horror on top to have to cope with. 

Three members nominated the same family this week. Marianne lost her youngest son and her remaining son is understandably struggling to continue to live in the flat where he lost his brother. A new start to begin to process the grief is essential but unfortunately this poor family have nothing. 

Our donation will go a long way to help this family take the first tentative steps on this long road. Thank you as always for your kindness. December 23rd will be our 200th week and we will have given £100,000 to individuals, families and charities that have desperately needed us. I think that is something truly to be proud of. You’re all amazing x I am a family bereavement support worker, I work with families who have experienced the recent death of a child. One of the families I am supporting are struggling following the death of the youngest son in August 20. Marianne’s youngest son Yvan tragically died on the 14/08/2020. He was brought into Croydon University Hospital but very sadly the medical team were not able to save him.

Understandably Marianne and her 8year old surviving son,Kevin are now finding it very upsetting trying to manage their grief. Marian and the 2 brothers had been living in one bedroom temporary accommodation.

Following Yvan's death Marianne and Kevin found it too painful to remain living in the same one room that Yvan died in. 

In my experience families often find it very hard to remain living in the environment their child died in, however for Marianne and Kevin as the family lived in one room there was no escape. They were constantly confronted with the trauma and were finding it very hard to move away from the impact of intrusive and unwanted reminders of Yvan’s death. Any death is painful and distressing but the sudden, unexpected death of your child has lasting impact for parents and siblings. The impact of this should not be minimised.  I have now managed to get the family a housing transfer and Marianne and Kevin are now in a 2 bedroom flat. Unfortunately it is totally unfurnished, they only have 2 single mattresses on the floor. There is nothing else.  Marianne and Kevin desperately need: Carpets.  Cooker Fridge Washing machine Beds Bedroom furniture Table and Chairs  Sofa.  The impact of a child death is one of the hardest things to live with and parents in this situation need all the support possible. Equally learning to live with the trauma of losing a brother is profound and life changing.

Whilst I am able to offer emotional support to Marianne and Kevin this does not relieve the stress and distress they are experiencing living in such stark accommodation, whilst still trying to recover from the trauma of Yvan’s death day in and day out. 

Please can you help in any way to try and make this new start a little more comfortable for this very deserving family.  Thank you so much  Kind regards  Sarah Muir-Timmins. Email:

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