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A Mum in need.

Hello lovely members,

Over the years we have been delighted when people who have been recipients of one of our gifts have decided to join us as members.

Two years ago this week Charlotte and Alan Bennett’s beautiful first daughter Margot passed away after just 25 hours. Despite their incredible grief, they started raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Several of our members nominated Charlotte and Alan and we were honoured to contribute to this fund in memory of Margot - which has now raised over £20,000.

True to their incredible kind and generous form, they joined our group and Charlotte recently sent in her first nomination for a fellow Mum who is in need of a little kindness as she raises her children in challenging times. We will be buying her a voucher to enable her to purchase what she needs and maybe some nice extras too.

We are so glad to be able to help this family and want to thank Charlotte for her nomination whilst also sending her, Alan and their second daughter Neave all our love on Margot’s anniversary. An incredible family with kindness at their very core.

With all our love,

Jen, Charlotte, Joe and Ray. Xx


I wanted to nominate a woman I have met called Jessica who sells the big issue in Finsbury Park by my work- she has a 18 month old and a newborn baby (8 weeks) and currently has very little baby gear or money. I have sourced her a second hand good pram but I wondered about if there was a voucher for mamas and papas or similar that might be appropriate for her to buy baby things?


Charlotte Bennett

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