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A mile in their shoes...

Morning all. For many of us it’s unimaginable to have to flee our homeland for fear of persecution and to provide a better life for ourselves and our loved ones. For many this is not a choice, for millions of people it’s a case of life and death. To walk a mile in the shoes of these poor people we can only hope that our plight might be met with love and understanding, with the milk of human kindness. All too often that isn’t the case. Denise sent us this nomination and the terrible scenes in the videos attached are heartbreaking. 

Fortunately there are some amazing people from all over the globe that have dedicated their lives to helping these poor families. Phillipa and Eric Kempson are two such people fighting the good fight in Moira, Greece. 

So this week, we 500 are helping them make life just a bit more bearable for parents and children that have already been through so much.  The unrelenting sadness in the news makes us so grateful to each and every one of you for your continued contributions with your time and money to provide a beacon of light when and where it can be darkest and most needed.  Lots of love and thank you x Dear Ray and friends,  May I nominate Philippa and Eric Kempson- refugee support/Lesvos, please? Following the fire at the Refugee Camp in Moria, people are even more desperate than before. Anything we can do to help will make a difference. People are now sleeping on the streets in wretched conditions. Philippa And Eric Refugee Support Lesvos/The Hope Project We have been helping refugees arriving in Lesvos since early 2015. Lesvos is no stranger to refugees but the increase in conflict and the closure of safer land routes have force refugees to flee by sea both in the Aegean and the Mediterranean. These crossings are dangerous and many do not make it to the “safety” of shore. For those that make it they soon realize that the hardship is just beginning. Some of the islands of Greece have become a prison for refugees. Here in Lesvos the overcrowding and conditions are some of the most horrific, people are deprived of their dignity and treated in ways that should not be accepted in Europe. We do what we can to make a difference and to empower and restore dignity to as many people as we can Philippa And Eric Refugee Support Lesvos/The Hope Project is founded on the principles of dignity, compassion and safety for all. We aim to provide aid and support for people in need, our primary focus is on people fleeing conflict or facing injustice, poverty or persecution Our focus is not only to provide support and aid but also to focus on empowerment of people, including refugees, by creating and supporting proactive projects, working with refugees and the disadvantaged enabling them to hopefully become empowered to help themselves and others. Donation Page Prism the Gift Fund; ref The hope project (IMPROTANT!!!!: please make sure all deposits are marked THE HOPE PROJECT/KEMPSONS) Account no: 80996260 Sort Code: 18-00-02 IBAN: GB54 COUT 1800 0208 0996 26 Swift Code: COUTGB22 The Hope Project Warehouse K18 Mavrobouni Kara Tepe Mytilene Lesvos Greece 81000 6948142075 Many thanks,  Denise

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