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Hello gorgeous group. We hope you are doing well through these trying times. This will hopefully cheer your lovely hearts.

This weeks nomination was sent in by Ray and there has been an ongoing situation for Ben and The old Vicarage since Christmas due to an outbreak of Covid-19 at this residential home for people with special needs. We are happy to report that all is well now and as a result of our nomination they have been able to get Ben an iPad with a really tough cover and a music list on Spotify and some sensory lights having consulted with his speech therapist. The Old Cottage will also benefit from some new garden furniture which will be paid for by one of the other groups (500 acts of kindness) as Ray is also a member of that group and sent a nomination to them as well. The Original Nomination: Jane and John are very good friends. Their oldest son Ben has to live in a place called The Old Vicarage, Newport as a resident because he was born with Downs Syndrome and co-morbid autism. This puts him into the vulnerable group re: Covid 19. They have two other children and they adore and love BEN and we all look forward to hearing updates from their Sunday visits. But Ben contracted COVID just before Christmas and had to be admitted to hospital, it’s been a roller coaster for Jane and John resulting in Jane staying in The Grange hospital with Ben with just a mask while he was treated, which is no mean feat. Ben recovered after being very poorly and Jane spent Christmas self isolating in the attic. Georgia, the manager of The Old Vicarage stayed with them the while time and also had to self isolate. I would love to nominate The Old Vicarage and Ben for such selfless and loving actions toward all the residents they take care of. Here’s a photo of the lovely Ben. We all love him very much.

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